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For centuries, women have been wearing wedding rings, and only the upcoming Boston brides prosperously choose their styles and trends. This year’s viewing trend is to stack wedding rings, not only stacked, but also stacked on many different fingers, mixing and matching shapes, metals, and even adding some colors. We have always seen beautiful brides in the city, men and women, young and old, with this fashion forward-looking to enhance the classic engagement ring/wedding ring match, choose meaningful wedding rings that match your personality has never been so fun. LEARN MORE ABOUT JEWELRY

1. Wedding Ring: Stacking on Different Fingers

stylish wedding RingWe all know that stacking rings have been around for a while, but a popular and interesting new technique is to stack wedding rings on different fingers. This means not only adding multiple frequency bands to the ring finger, but also adding multiple frequency bands to the other fingers. We note that this trend is most prevalent among women in their 20s and 30s. Remember, even if considered a wedding ring, single women are popular regardless of whether they are married or not. The best thing about stacking rings is that you can make your own rules-do what you think is the best! This technique is to express your personal style while maintaining tradition.

Traditionally, engagement rings and wedding rings are stacked on the left ring finger. Recently, wearing extra rings has become more and more popular. This ring is often an anniversary band, and later there are special commemorative events. Wearing many wedding rings with one finger or multiple fingers is both stylish and meaningful.

2. Wedding Ring: Mismatched Shapes

stylish wedding Ring

Nothing highlights the wedding band stack more than mixing and matching shapes! This is the perfect way to create size and balance, while also demonstrating your excellent stacking skills. You can do it boldly and subtly, as shown in the picture above, between the same metal, larger gems surround the more delicate areas between them. If you are looking for a more bohemian look, you can try stacking milky bands of different shapes, sizes, or metals.

3. Wedding Ring: Something New, Something Blue

The wedding ring you choose does not have to be blue, but it can have a popular color! Recently, the popularity of adding colored gemstones to wedding rings and engagement rings has been all the rage. What better way to personalize the wedding ring than by adding your favorite color or birthday gem? You can make it more emotional and use your partner’s favorite color or birthday stone. There are many colorful wedding rings that can be mixed and matched, while the fashionable and avant-garde couples love the infinite possibilities offered in 2020.

4. Wedding Ring: Mixing Metals

stylish wedding RingSometimes stacking rings seem to be a bit stressful, so if you feel overwhelmed, it is recommended that you start from a small and simple point of view. A good way to start is to simply increase diversity by mixing and matching different metals. Contemporary brides love this look, and so do we! Choosing a wedding ring and engagement ring combination should reflect your unique style, so this is a great opportunity to show your identity. You can select this size, but whether you use rose gold, gold, white gold, or platinum, any combination looks beautiful.

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