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How IVY Works?

IVY works on Bluetooth Low Energy and pairs with the phone App. In case of emergency, user can tap on the stone on top of IVY to activate it. 2 taps start a loud alarm. 3 taps send SOS message with Location and Audio Recording to Guardians. 4 taps calls the selected Guardians.

When will IVY be available?

IVY will be available in India from November 2016 onwards. We will be rolling out in other countries soon

Can men and kids use IVY?

With the current designs of IVY, we are targeting women aged 15 years and above. But we are already working on devices for men and kids which will be launched in 2017.

What if I activate IVY accidentally?

We’ve designed IVY such that it is very difficult to activate IVY accidentally.

Is the battery replaceable?

Yes. IVY uses normal watch battery CR2032 and is replaceable.

Is IVY water-resistant?

Yes. IVY is the only smart jewelry in the market that is water resistant IP65.

How far away from my smartphone can I be and have it still work?

Up to 120 feet

Am I being tracked all the time?

No. You can be tracked only after you have activated IVY.

What colors of IVY are available?

Currently IVY is available in Black Stone. Pink, Purple, Red and Champagne Stone colors will be available soon

How many accessories do I get with IVY?

You will get a Leather bracelet and a metal necklace.

What colors of Leather Bracelet are available ?

Currently, the Leather Bracelet is available in Black and Light Brown. Pink, White and Dark Drown will be available soon.

What colors of Metal Necklace are available ?

Currently, the Metal Necklace is available in Silver only. Black and Gold will be available soon.

How do you ensure privacy?

Our servers are securely encrypted. So your data is always private and safe.

What is warranty policy?

1 year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

What is IVY made of?

IVY is made of Cubic Zirconia Stone, Plastic, Metal and Leather.

What if I change phone?

If you change from Android to Android or iOS to iOS, just log off from old phone and login to new phone and IVY will automatically get connected to new phone.In case you changing from Android to iOS or vice versa, please delete IVY from previous phone, log off and then login and connect IVY to new phone.

What if my Guardians don’t have the app installed?

They will receive your location and audio recording via SMS.

How will I know when to change battery?

The App will show notification.

When should I change battery?

If the battery status in the App shows red color bar, it is time to change battery.

Why did IVY battery life increase?

Sometimes there is noise in the connection which can result in battery life showing higher value for short time.

Why is IVY battery life going down so fast?

Taps consume a lot of battery. If you tap IVY device a lot, battery will go down fast.

Why did IVY battery life increase?

Sometimes there is noise in the connection which can result in battery life showing higher value for short time.

Why is SOS message location not very accurate?

The location shown by IVY App in SOS message has accuracy of up to 100 meters.

Who are the highlighted App users in Manage Contacts?

They are Guardians recommended by IVY team. They could be NGOs, Police and other authorities.