Four things you didn’t know about pear-shaped engagement rings

One of the hottest trends in engagement rings is the pear-shaped diamond. Sometimes called teardrop diamonds, people love this style for its gorgeous outline, which combines sharp edges and rounded curves while still maintaining an excellent brilliance.

Do you think a pear-shaped engagement ring might be the best choice? Is there anything stylish and unique? You need to know all the information about this new trend that our customers have always liked:

They cost less than round diamonds.

Pear Shaped Engagement RingsPear-shaped diamonds are almost as shiny as round diamonds, but they are almost always cheaper than equivalent round diamonds. Although round diamonds are the most popular, they are also the most expensive diamond shapes. Compared with other fancy diamonds, not only does the demand for round cut diamonds increase, which drives up the price, but round cut diamonds also require the most cut raw materials. When a diamond expert cuts a pear-shaped diamond, it wastes much less material, so carats are usually much less. Makes pear-shaped diamond engagement rings a trend acceptable to both you and your significant other.

Pear-shaped diamonds are incredibly bright.

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

From the brightest diamonds to the tallest diamonds to the least brilliant diamonds, every diamond shape belongs to the free-range. If the pear-shaped diamonds are cut into proper proportions, they can be very dazzling diamonds! Their 58 small faces reflect the light shining on the diamond in a bright form, which affects the sparkle of the diamond.

We like the appearance of shiny pear-shaped diamonds, especially when juxtaposed with other smaller diamonds, which magnify the brilliance of the central gem. After the pear-shaped diamond is cut to the ideal size, it can almost attract the eye like a traditional round diamond. If you want a diamond engagement ring that still attracts everyone in the room, but you want a style that will make you stand out, that’s the pear-shaped trend.

They have a traditional appearance and modern appeal.

Pear Shaped Engagement RingsPear-shaped diamonds have existed for centuries. The Flemish diamond cutter Ludewyk van Berquem of Luggy is also the inventor of the diamond polishing wheel, which originated in the 15th century, with modern diamond cutting. With the advent of technology, the modern shapes you know and love were perfected in the 1900s. Tool. Pear-shaped diamonds are famous in vintage jewelry and engagement rings, and in this way, exude the romance of a bygone era, while still cutting correctly to today’s standards. Match your pear-shaped diamond (no pun intended) with a vintage-style diamond to get a fashionable look that transcends time.

Pear-shaped diamonds give you a unique personality style.

We like pear-shaped diamonds not only because their shape can stretch your fingers and form gorgeous lines, but also because they are the perfect way to give an engagement ring a unique look without choosing a particularly distinctive element, such as a colorful stone. The pear shape combines the perfect symmetry of a round cut diamond with the characteristics of a marquise cut diamond, creating unusual and subtle rhythm changes compared to other round cut diamonds. Because pear-shaped diamonds can still be outstanding and have a classic look with a little twist, you will love the way pear-shaped diamonds create a completely personalized look. Although the best pear shapes have so-called “uniform shoulders” or perfect round bottom shapes, you can also find pear shapes that are more slender and longer, resulting in a unique appearance.

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