Trend Alert: Colored Stone Engagement Rings

Each of us wants our engagement ring to be unique. It symbolizes a unique bond between two people and is an accessory that you will use on your ring finger throughout your life, so it should reflect you and your style like anything else.

One way to ensure that an engagement ring is different is to consider using colored stones instead of traditional diamonds. The gemstones are exceptional, with various colors, sizes, and shapes. When celebrities such as Kate Middleton and Eva Longoria said “yes” to colored gemstone rings, some gems even became more and more popular.

If you think that colored gemstones may be the right style for your engagement ring, please check out some of our favorite perfect gems for colored engagement rings!

Engagement Rings – Pastel Sapphires

Colored Stone Engagement RingsOne of the main differences between diamonds and other gems is that some gems do not have the durability that engagement ring stones need to wear every day. Fortunately, sapphire meets all requirements, making it a strong competitor for diamond quality.

In addition to the traditional blue sapphire (which is also favored by the way), sapphire has many other colors, such as white, pink, yellow, purple, and orange. White sapphires are very similar to diamonds, but the price is not high, and the soft colors compliment each other’s everyday jewelry, and they stand out only a little.

Engagement Rings – Spinel

Colored Stone Engagement RingsSpinel has the closest relationship with its red and ruby colors, but it is not a ruby after all, and its history can be traced back to the crown of Henry VIII. There is a black prince’s ruby in the crown, which is actually a large spinel weighing 170 carats. Today, the famous spinel is located in front of the imperial crown of England. Talk about royal resonance! The deep red color of spinel is very vibrant, unique, and has fantastic depth and gloss.

If the ruby color is not suitable for you, but you are still considering colored gems, then the black, gray, or purple spinel ring will definitely bring a little trouble and shine to the ring finger. Black spinel is one of the rarest minerals in the spinel family. It is beautiful and unconventional and is popular with many people.

Engagement Rings – Garnet

Colored Stone Engagement RingsGarnet is an ideal type of colored gemstone. For prospective brides, looking for an engagement ring with retro inspiration has a certain meaning behind it. Garnet has a spiritual meaning and is described as a stone representing physical love and relationships.

This way of stone was born more than January, and, in fact, not all garnets are dark red in color. Garnets have purple, pink, orange, yellow, and green, which means you can search for the perfect color to represent your relationship with your couple.

You can also make engagement rings more unique by adding diamonds and colored stones to your special look.

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